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We don't just run title and buy leases. United can be your entire land department, ready when you need us.

Image by Jeremy Morris

What We Do

  • Reduce the Burden on Your Land Manager

  • Advise You of Unplanned Expenses

  • Help Keep You Out of Lawsuits

  • Cursory and Full Detail HBP Title

  • Due Diligence

  • Mineral & WI Leasing and Purchasing

  • BIA and Federal Lands   

  • Curative- Cleaning Up Your New Acquisition       

  • Land & Mineral Owner Representation

  •  Surface and Subsurface Right of Way

  •  FERC Compliance Issues

  •  Damage Settlement Negotiation

  •  OK Corporation Commission Representation

  • Contract Negotiation and Preparation

  • Digital Imaging

  • Accounting and Data Management

  • Revenue Payments and 1099 Preparation

  • Mineral/Leasehold Evaluation

Image by Kai Pilger

What We Don't Do

  • Bill more than the actual time spent on a project

  • Continue working a project that we know is a waste of resources

  • Stay silent about actual or potential problems

  • Personally acquire minerals/leases in (or share information about) our clients’ prospects

  • Provide kickbacks to your team to artificially inflate our importance

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